Kenny Loggins - Your Momma Don't Dance But We Did!

One of the very first albums I ever bought for my own collection, back when an album was an album, was Loggins and Messina “On Stage”.  

Kenny LogginsMost of the songs were already favorites and the rest became new favorites quickly as I played and replayed the album until I wore it out. 

To this day “Vahevala” makes me want to start jumping around, “House at Pooh Corner” puts a smile on my face, and “Danny’s Song” brings a bit of a tear to the corner of my eye.

I have continued enjoying Kenny Loggins music ever since.  Who can sit still for “Footloose”, “Danger Zone”, or the other mega-hits he put out over the years?

I can honestly say that he is responsible for more music on the soundtrack of my life than almost any other artist out there. 

A lot of people hear the music and love it without necessarily knowing who the artist is. 

I can almost guarantee that if you listen to the radio at all, you have been listening to Kenny Loggins music your entire life.  

Most of his hits are so well known that you recognize the songs from the first few seconds.

When I heard Kenny Loggins was performing in the area recently, I knew I had to be there.  There was just no doubt or hesitation at all. 

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I can tell you that the event was a wonderful experience.  Kenny’s performance was a delight and he has pulled together a group of world-class musicians to help with the show. 

It was immediately clear that it would be a night to remember. 

The music was terrific, the sound production was excellent, even the dynamic lighting was an important part of the show adding drama in some cases and subtly enhancing the performance in others. 

The crowd was very appreciative and clearly enjoyed the show as much as we did.

The stories between the songs were a lot of fun too. 

I know some concert-goers just want to skip to the music, but I feel very differently about it. 

Kenny Loggins

I like hearing what the artists have to say and enjoy the backstories and insights you often get from their between-song patter. 

Did you ever wonder how Kenny managed to work it out with Disney to record “House at Pooh Corner”?  

Shortly after he wrote the song, he was getting worried about whether he would be able to record it or not when he discovered the girl he was dating just happened to be the daughter of one of the top Disney executives.   

I’m sure there was more to it, but to hear Kenny’s story she batted her eyes at daddy and that was that.

Kenny paid a very nice tribute to Stevie Nicks crediting her with the success of his solo career. 

I got a kick out of it when he told us he never cheated on Stevie by performing their duet of “Whenever I Call You “Friend”” with any other woman. 

Kenny Loggins

That is, until he started singing it with Georgia Middleman, one of the members of “Blue Sky Riders” who opened for the main show.   

I can assure you their duet was terrific and although I’m a great fan of Stevie, I didn’t miss her for this performance.

Kenny is also a member of Blue Sky Riders, the new band that opened for the main show. 

Kenny Loggins

Along with Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr, they are creating terrific new music that also thrilled the crowd. 

You really need to get your hands on their new album “Finally Home”.   

"Finally Home" is available now on Amazon and all normal outlets.  Please also take a look at our review of the Blue Sky Riders performance.













Completing the line-up for the Kenny Loggins band were:

  • Scott Bernard – guitar
  • Tommy Brechtlein - drums
  • Craig Carter – bass (Filling in for Shem von Schroeck)
  • Scott Sheriff – keyboards (Filling in for Shem von Schroeck)

The show was at the Modell Lyric Opera House in Baltimore MD, a mid-size venue that looks as good as it sounds.  Any seat in the venue would be a good place to watch a show.  There is enough room for a great crowd, but there are no seats so far away that you can’t enjoy the show. 

We’d like to thank the Modell Lyric Opera House and Moir Borman Management for helping arrange this opportunity to spend the evening with Kenny Loggins and Blue Sky Riders.  

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Updated...  What a thrill when we learned that Kenny shared our post on his Facebook page!  Thank you Kenny and all who support you!