Too Cool to Clap

I’ve been working on ¡Viva Conga! for a few years now and I wanted to take a few minutes to thank the artists that have been so supportive of what I've been doing.  I wouldn’t have any video or photos or in fact, anything to even write about without your support.

As a child I got a good grounding in music appreciation from my parents and even my grandfather who led one of the most popular big swing bands in Dallas way back when.  My dad was a good amateur ragtime and jazz pianist.   I grew up with classical and Broadway music.  I can’t tell you how many times I listened to my sisters playing “The Sound of Music” over and over. 

I have spent much of my life drifting around the edge of the music business.  I was involved in event planning in college, became a DJ for a few years, and I still have a DJ kit that I break out now and then.   My early dream was to write songs and play guitar in a rock band.  I figured out pretty quickly I just didn’t have the talent or the perseverance required to make that work.   I even worked as an IT guy for Warner Music in Burbank, California for a couple of years.  It was all a lot of fun and very cool, but never as much fun as now.

I have had the pleasure of attending a lot of terrific shows including some very nice backstage experiences. 

One thing I have noticed almost every time….  With all due respect to my media colleagues…  Most of you had your been-there-done-that game face on.  It was clearly just another day at work.  I understand it, and eventually I may feel the same way.  But I hope not. 

I got into this because I love it.  The music, the artists, the crowds, the spectacle of it all…  I have fun when I cover these shows, especially when I’m up in the pit right in front of the stage as the entertainers put on their show.  

But it sometimes feels like I may be the only one in the media crowd that appears to be actually enjoying the show. Often no-one else around me even applauds!  I sometimes even see something in the eyes of the other people covering the event that makes me feel a little silly for demonstrating my enjoyment.

I know all of you in media are working hard and you have my utmost respect.  I’m sorry, but I can hardly conceive of receiving such enjoyment from a show, having the opportunity to capture images of these artists, the big ones, and the ones on the way up and not offering my applause for their efforts. 

I suppose I may reach a point when the thrill is gone, but I hope that day is a long way off. 

If you ever see me out there looking too matter-of-fact about what I’m doing, please give me a poke.  I hope I never reach the point where I’m “Too Cool to Clap”.

Again...  Thank you all for what you do and for the support you've shown ¡Viva Conga!.  I very much appreciate it!

Keep the Beat!


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