Frank Licari Interview

November 17'th, 2012, West Palm Beach, FL. 


We'd like to introduce you to Frank Licari.  Frank is one of our South Florida locals, making his home in Jupiter, FL. 

Frank is a versatile entertainer.  His career took off when he joined the Blue Man Group in New York and has been on a high trajectory ever since. 

He also helps make things happen behind the scenes as a director and producer and is an accomplished writer with an award-winning one-act play under his belt.  

Conga TV recently had the pleasure of meeting with Frank after the Holiday Tree lighting show he hosted for CityPlace in West Palm Beach. You can click here to read more about the Tree Lighting.




After his membership in the Blue Man Group, Frank moved to the Palm Beach area and founded the Jove Improv Comedy Troupe.


Frank also founded the Atlantic Arts Academy and the Atlantic Theater to bring arts education to the area's students. 



Frank is the national tour director and producer for Jose Feliciano as well as one of the back-up singers and he travels constantly helping bring Jose's music to fans all over the world.





You can learn more about Frank at his official website and you follow him on Twitter @FrankLicari.

We hope you enjoy meeting Frank as much as we did.  All you have to do is press the Play button...