Ethan Tucker and His Guitar

September 27'th, Washington DC




Ethan Tucker is a 23 year old singer and songwriter out of Olympia Washington who sings a combination of reggae and pop songs with a gutsy, bluesy voice that captivates his audience. 

We saw Ethan when he opened for reggae legend Jimmy Cliff at The Howard Theatre in Washington DC.  He gave us a nice surprise.  

We enjoyed Ethan’s performance as he belted out his own songs as well as a few covers of popular songs. 






Ethan took the stage with nothing but a guitar. 

We always enjoy acoustic performers who can entertain an audience without any tricks… no computers, no synthesizers, no electronics of any kind other than basic amplification.   

There’s a lot to be said for the classic “guy with guitar” approach to music.

While Ethan performed solo the night we saw him, he also has a band and they often tour together.  We’ll be on the lookout for his full show one of these days.            


We have a feeling we will be hearing more from Ethan.  Capital Records believes in him – they recently signed him.







Press "play" below and select full-screen to enjoy our best high-definition photos from Ethan's show:


Ethan is a big guy…  6’5”…   I read that he often performs barefoot, but he had on shoes when we saw him.

You can find Ethan’s CD “Lost Between” on Amazon and other outlets.  You should give it a listen.  We think you’ll enjoy it.

You should also look for Ethan’s latest single “All I Need”.  You’ll like this one too!

Learn more about Ethan at his official web site  You can also find him at







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