Conga TV Interviews Iconic Percussionist Bob Conti

We saw Bob Conti playing Congas with Jose Feliciano at the Howard Theater in Washington DC and again in Harrisburg, PA at the Forum Auditorium.  

We had the opportunity to interview Bob in Harrisburg and learn more about his lifetime passion for the drum as well has his time with some of the music industries greatest artists including Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Bon Jovi, Gene Simmons, and Wilson Pickett to name a few.  

Press the "Play" button below to enjoy our in-depth interview with Bob Conti!

He has played on 50 albums in the US and 150 albums worldwide including 12 platinum albums.  He tours all over the world on a regular basis.





When we saw Bob play again, he was masterful with the congas and bongos as always.










Bob's projects also include Joyful Genius and Tootzuni Records.

He has produced two volumes of "The Genius of Jose Feliciano" and is working on a third.

Bob represents Toca Percussion, makers of fine Congas and other instruments.  

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Photo to the right courtesy of Bob Conti and photographer Gor Megaera of Daeida Magazine, who did a very nice profile of Bob recently.

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Bob just finished a CD with jazz master and tenor sax player Marty Krystall called "Moments Magical ".  You can find "Moments Magical" on Amazon and other outlets.






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