Carlos Vives Takes Miami

July 13, 2013 Miami, FL



We're sure many of you remember Carlos Vives and his huge hits from a few years back.

He is still as strong as ever with a new tour and a smash-hit album that has put him right back where he belongs at the top of the Billboard charts. 


Carlos Vives sold out American Airlines Arena in Miami for the “Como Le Gusta a Mi Puebla Tour”  and Conga TV had the pleasure of attending.  

He opened the show with "Déjame Entrar" and his latest single "Como le Gusta a Tu Cuerpo" following up with all of our favorites including "Pá’ Mayté  ”, and “Como Tú“.  

Of course he brought the house down with “Fruta Fresca”.  


He debuted some of the songs from his new album Corazón Profundo” including the title song which was accompanied by a multi-media montage of the world’s treasured big-hearted people.  

Carlos brought his daughter Lucy on stage for a touching version of “La Tierra del Olvido”.  They were clearly having fun and we enjoyed seeing them perform together.











The crowd went crazy for his latest mega-hit “Volví A Nacer” which closed the main part of the show. 


He  played for two and half hours including a 3 song encore.   He was accompanied by "La Provincia", a group of extremely professional and accomplished musicians.






You don’t need to speak Spanish to love the music.  






It was clear Carlos Vives is a gracious entertainer who truly appreciates his fans and the audience. 

He thanked the crowd profusely on multiple occasions through the night.

This show was a revelation.  We have known and enjoyed his music for years and were expecting a great show. 

What we were not expecting was the quality production, the terrific lighting and special effects, the multi-media presentation, and the packed arena full of wildly enthusiastic fans of all ages and walks.  

This is one of the best shows we've ever seen whether Spanish or English. 







Carlos Vives is clearly reaching the younger generation too.  The row of twenty-somethings we were sitting with were singing along, cheering, and standing throughout the show.

There is no doubt that fans who speak only English and even people who are not already familiar with Carlos’s music would enjoy this show. 


All you need is the energy of the crowd to help you understand the music and Carlos’s popularity across generations and cultures.











We picked up “Corazon Profundo” a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoy it.  You can find the Deluxe edition of “Corazon Profundo” and Carlos’s other great CD’s at Amazon and other outlets.


The first single "Volvi a Nacer" went straight to #1 on the Billboard Latin chart and was quickly followed up with another hit "Como Le Gusta a Tu Cuerpo". 


Carlos’s music transcends language.  He is one of those artists that communicates on a visceral level. 

He is from Columbia and he blends traditional Columbian folk music with elements of Tropical music, pop, and rock to create something unique and special. 

The music is happy and upbeat and full of spirit.  It’s impossible not to like and it’s impossible to sit still while listening. 



If you don’t have it already, we highly recommend you pick up “Corazon Profundo”. 

For a terrific dose of his earlier music we recommend “La Tierra del Olvido”.  A couple of songs to listen for include “La Puya Puyá” and “Pa' Mayté”.  You’ll like them!






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Thank you “Nevarez PR” and “SBS Entertainment” for including us for this experience.  We’ll be looking forward to working with both of these excellent groups again in the future.

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