Bob Conti on Congas

We saw Bob Conti playing Congas with Jose Feliciano at the Howard Theater in Washington DC. The show as a pleasure. Bob was masterful with the congas and bongos.

We caught some video of one of his solos... We hope you enjoy it.

Bob's projects also include Joyfull Genius and Tootzuni Records.  You can enjoy some of the Joyfull Genius videos at

Bob Conti has played on 12 Platinum albums with some of the biggest names in music including Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Bon Jovi, and Paul Simon. He has performed on the Tonight Show, The Grammys, and the Academy Awards. He has been playing with Jose Feliciano for over 20 years.

Bob first got paid as a musician while performing at the Jefferson Street subway station in Brooklyn, New York.


Bob observed "A complete stranger gave us a one dollar bill. I was mystified, why would someone pay us for doing something that we loved to do?"

Bob and his mother left New York for Venice, California where he learned to the play the drums and joined the high school marching band where he also learned to play saxophone. Early in his career, Bob toured with a variety of R&B groups singing and playing sax for groups such as The Platters, The Temptations, and Wilson Picket.

As a producer, Bob is responsible for "The Genius of Jose Feliciano, Vol. 1" & Vol. 2. You can find out more about this CD here:

He is currently on the road with Jose Feliciano's 2013 World Tour, Bob is still delighting music lovers all over the world with his rhythm and vocals.



In 2011 Bob signed with Toca Percussion and is a key member of the Toca Artist Roster representing Toca instruments worldwide.

"I'm excited to be a member of the Toca Team," said Conti. "The company's reputation for making professional quality instruments assures me that no matter where I am performing or who I am performing with, I know I am playing the very best."

 You can find Bob on Facebook at

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