Blue Sky Riders in Baltimore

September 15th, 2013 Baltimore MD



Blue Sky Riders may be the next big thing on your playlist. 

The three front members of Blue Sky Riders are Nashville singer/songwriters Gary Burr and Georgia Middleman along with Kenny Loggins. 

They have the talent, the production, and the resumes to make a huge splash in the music scene. 

If you haven’t heard their new CD “Finally Home” you owe it to yourself to give it a listen. 

When they visit your town you also owe it to yourself to see them play live.  Don’t even think about it.  Just go!






Georgia Middleman is a singer who started performing at age ten and has been going strong ever since. 

She has been a writer for Polygram Records and has written songs for Radney Foster, The Kinleys, Keith Urban, and Sarah Buxton. 














Gary Burr has been a member of Pure Prairie League, and is a long-time writer with 14 number one hits under his belt. 

He has written songs for singers like Olivia Newton John, Tim McGraw, Ringo Starr, and Billy Ray Cyrus. 













Kenny Loggins doesn’t need much introduction.  

If you pay any attention to who the artist is behind those songs you hear on the radio then you already know you’ve been listening to Kenny Loggins your whole life.



We saw Blue Sky Riders at the final stop on their 2013 summer tour at the Modell Lyric Opera House in Baltimore where they opened for the Kenny Loggins show. 

It’s interesting that Kenny essentially opened for himself.

The thing we noticed immediately was that their stage presence commanded the auditorium and their stage production filled the entire place with irresistible powerful and well-produced sound. 

We were very impressed from the first song.

We had already bought and listened to their new CD "Finally Home" and had a pretty good idea what to expect. 

The surprise was that they sounded even better on stage than they did on the CD. 

That’s quite a strong statement. 

A good studio could probably make me sound good and I can’t sing a lick. 

When a band sounds as good as these guys do live, you know you are in for a terrific show.


Press PLAY below and then select full-screen to see the full high-definition slideshow of our best photos from this special event.


The entire crowd enjoyed the show as much as we did.  The band clearly appreciated the crowd’s enjoyment and they seemed to be having as much fun as the audience did. 

It was very interesting to note how the band encouraged their fans to take pictures.  They were not shy about asking for shares and tweets.  They have clearly embraced the power of social media and realize how much musical success today can depend on fan support online. 

Georgia Middleman even paused the show for a moment, brought up the house lights, and took a few of her own photos of the audience.  I liked it! 


After the show, while Kenny Loggins prepared for the rest of the show, Georgia and Gary headed out to the lobby and signed CD’s for their fans. 

We got another one for ourselves.    Funny, now we have two!  I sense a giveaway coming!

You can learn more about Blue Sky riders at their official web site and at

Look for their new CD “Finally Home” on Amazon.

Completing the line-up the night we saw Blue Sky Riders were:

  • Tommy Brechtlein - drums
  • Scott Bernard – guitar
  • Craig Carter – bass  (Filling in for Shem von Schroeck)
  • Scott Sheriff – keyboards (Filling in for Shem von Schroeck)

We’d like to thank Moir Borman Management and the Modell Lyric Opera House in Baltimore for helping arrange this opportunity to spend the evening with blue Sky Riders.  In case you haven’t seen a show at the Lyric Opera House, keep an eye on their schedule.  This is a lovely venue that is easy to get to with easy and reasonably-priced parking. 

Keep an eye on this band…  We can expect big things from them.  If you ever get a chance go see them perform live.  You will not regret it!

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